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Ages 4-6

Tennis is fun and this is an excellent age to start learning the game!  This clinic helps develop hand-eye coordination and teaches children to learn to make contact with forehands and volleys. (Red balls).

Ages 6-8

Students begin to advance their games as they learn the forehand, backhand, volley and serve.  Players begin to rally and more advanced players begin to learn spin. (Red balls).

Ages 8-10

Classes focus on proper stroke technique, rallying and basic strategies.  Students will learn to hit different spins on the ball.  Most players begin to advance their game at this age more rapidly, and are grouped by level. (Orange balls).

Ages 10-11

Classes focus on proper stroke technique, strategy, serving, keeping score, different types of spin, as well as improving physical fitness.  Students will be grouped by level and experience. (Green balls.)

Ages 12-16

Classes are designed for different levels once a player reaches this age.  Juniors who have never played before will learn the basics of the game (proper stroke technique, rallying, keeping score), and learn how to play the sport of a lifetime.  Players with 2+ years of experience will have a more challenging and intensive clinic, designed to prepare them for high school team tennis as well as USTA Tournaments.  (Yellow Balls.)

Private Lessons

Available Upon Request.